• Here comes the novel! After Lives—coming soon.

    Welcome to KeithBPhillips.com.  My new novel will be released soon, and to get everyone excited about it I will be podcasting the first four chapters.  Stay tuned, final preparations are being made now.

    And here’s the pitch:

    AFTER LIVES — Beyond death’s door lies a second chance.

    Martin Coswell was a private investigator in his first life until the cancer ate his brain.  Then Medicore brought him back for a second chance, thanks to the reconstructive wonders of nanocells.  But now in his next life, he’s mixed up with a woman who drugs him, a boy who steals from unsuspecting ship passengers, a star hopping singer who moonlights as a federal secret agent, and computer program named Angel who is hell bent to find the body of a missing geneticist.  In a future where eternal life belongs to the rich and powerful, Martin heads out to the stars to find out who is stealing all the dead bodies on earth.