Monthly Archive: August 2016

Martin On Mars – Mining for Trouble – Day 24-25

I seriously needed a day off. My little stunt of crawling around on the dome like a bug cost me some downtime. The next day, I just lounged around a very fancy hotel room with my foot buried under a bag…
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Martin on Mars – Rescue Ranger – Day 23

Opening the hatch was a huge mistake. The air pressure inside was about a thousand times what it was outside. I went out with the hatch being the only thing I could hold onto. And the hatch swung out as…
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Martin on Mars – Hell in Hellas Basin – Day 22

I had five injured persons, a bunch of scared people, and not much air left. We had to do something quickly. Our wrist bands had network connection, but data wasn’t flowing. Which told me that everyone in Hellas Basin trying…
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