Martin on Mars – We Interrupt This Program

Dear Mr. Coswell,

I’m finding myself very honored to have been the object of your concern lately. To think that you have come all this way to the forsaken wasteland of Mars just to try and catch me. Well I’m flattered. But it makes me laugh a little bit as I am right now hearing you shuffle around in the cage that I’ve made for you. It’s pretty darn amusing, actually.

I’ve come to respect you as I’ve followed your recent career in law enforcement, and your bit of work in the private investigation field.  And let’s not forget your secret involvement in, let us say, the more clandestine affairs of the OIS. That digital creature that you call Angel, and her demonic horde. Yes, I know all about that. You thought that God didn’t see your blasphemies, but he ordained that I, his humble servant, would bring you to your knees.

The first time God spoke to me, and I heard the sound of the many waters, I could not believe it. It brought me to tears, when the roaring of the waves came to me over the speakers. When the image of his holiness appeared before me on my wall screen, I fell prostrate before him, unable to move.  I was like a stone. As his presence swept over me, and I heard his message, I knew I would never again be the same. And now I am the instrument of his wrath, to purify the worlds of the dross and the dregs, and to remove the evil which corrupts all mankind. The weak in faith will be removed, and they will be snuffed out, so that the righteous may prosper. This is my purpose. This is my calling.

But let me get to the point, Martin.  You are not weak, and I respect that. I foresee that you could become a mighty warrior in our cause. That is why I have spared you, so that you might be redeemed from the devil, that fallen Angel that you worship. Once you have seen the light of the truth, I know that you will be transformed, just as I have. So be strong, my brother. A few more days of fasting and self reflection, then you will be ready to meet the one true god.


Your loving brother,