Martin on Mars – Taking Care of Business – Day 6

Tuesday 13 April 2151

Detective Log: Mars 6

So tired of this hose up my nose, but I actually do have moments now where I forget about it being there. I suppose over time you could get used such things. It’s definitely better than not using it and dying.

Broderick and I agreed to spread out our efforts today. I decided to start talking with the crews that work the crops here in Harvard Tube, and he’s going to check through the camera records and administration files for anything unusual.  I had my pick of the tasks, but that last one sounded pretty boring. I usually have better luck sniffing out lies and bad vibes from actual people. Something about myself rubs people the wrong way. Sort of like sandpaper on a sore; if you have one it hurts like hell—otherwise, not so much. So I went looking for someone with a bad case of the flinches.

I’ve already said that I’ve got a hunch it’s someone who works in the local tube here.  Or remotely a possibility of someone who understands how to find out crop rotations. The fact that the body was discovered because this field had been plowed up unexpectedly, was like a red flag sticking up in my brain.

So I went and talked to the man in charge here at Harvard Tube.  His name is Kevin Shubert. He’s a hands on guy like myself. He could probably have run this place from the comfort of a decently pressurized office, but he doesn’t. From the moment I shook his hand, I liked him. He’s about sixty, rough, scarred hands, and an honest look in his eye that didn’t dodge or try to bore holes in me.

Kevin was very cooperative with me, and offered to go around on the investigation as a guide. Mostly because he said he felt like he’d failed because this happened on his watch. He wanted to get to the bottom of it. I liked him even more for that. But the one thing I couldn’t understand was that he was still clinging to the idea that it was an accident. That somehow Robert had gotten clonked in the head by one the machines. None of the evidence supported that, and it left me with a sense of concern about Mr. Shubert, despite my initial good impressions.