Monthly Archive: April 2016

Martin on Mars – Twisted Sister – Day 18

Teresa Hickman is an attractive lady, about forty-ish, with long dark hair. We met today at her home in Hellas Basin, well below the surface where the cosmic particles rarely strike. She invited me inside and we sat down in…
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Martin on Mars – Secured Log – Hellas Basin – Day 18

I went for a run this morning. My recovery seems to be exponential. Not sure how much of this is just sheer willpower or how much is Nanocells. I can feel myself getting stronger every day that passes. The hyperbaric…
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Martin on Mars – Secured Log – Day 17

Laying around in a glass tube for six days, every day, all day, sucks. You can barely scratch your ass in there. And I don’t mind saying, I got antsy. My legs don’t like not being walked on and they…
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Martin on Mars – Hello – Day 11

Dear Mr. Baxter, I want to thank you for introducing yourself, and especially for the accommodations over the last few days. I look forward to handing your ass to you. Sincerely, Not ever your brother, Martin Coswell