And All the Other Things

Don’t forget the other things.  You know those things that are important to you, but you just don’t have time for them anymore. No, you’re too busy working, getting ready for work, getting to work, coming home from work, thinking about what happened at work, thinking about what you need to do tomorrow at work. You should love the job, not love your job.

I’ve taken pride in my job, liked my job, hated my job, despised my job, enjoyed working with the people at my job, fought with the people at my job, but I’ve never LOVED my job. I like what I do, but I can do that wherever those skills are needed. Don’t ever love your job so much that you will do anything and everything for it.  Meaning, don’t put up with anything and everything to keep it. You have to spend an enormous part of your life working, and you shouldn’t be miserable doing that.

And let’s not forget why you are doing all of this.  Yeah, it’s for all those other things. The things you have to slip into the cracks that your work life occasionally lets you have.  Those little windows of opportunity that you try to make the most of after you’re tired and beat and work has sucked the life out of you. It’s all those other things, the things that matter the most and you are just too tired, and someday, someday, if you live long enough, you just might have all the time in the world for them.  And then you’ll die.