NanoWriMo 2012

NanoWriMo has begun! We are just beginning week two of Nanowrimo, and I am very much behind in every way. My weight is up, from lack of exercise, and my word count is down, due to lack of time. My story is strong though, and I am confident that I will make fifty thousand words this month. I’m highly motivated, and this is MY month.

November has been just awesome this year. I found a local writers group in a nearby town, and I’ve made so many writer friends that I feel very blessed. I also attended Orycon, and got to go to Ken Scholes and J.A. Pitts’ writing workshop. That was very informative and inspiring. After that, I hooked up with NIWA. Northwest Independent Writers Association. What a great bunch of cool people they are. I’ve already learned a great deal from them.

And of course, during all of this I was attempting to keep my daily word counts up. I haven’t been very successful with that. But, I’ve found a couple great programs with the help of some friends that have really helped me. First one is an ambient sound program called Relax Melodies. It provides a perfect customizable atmosphere for writing. The second is a program called Flux which adjusts your monitor colors to be a little more warm and not so harsh on the eyes. Between these two, my Macbook is more comfortable to write on than ever.

I’ll keep struggling through the month, fighting my word counts up each day. I know from past experience, that if push comes to shove, I can make sixteen thousand words happen in sixteen hours. I’m really hoping I don’t have to do that this year though. 🙂