The First Men in the Moon-2010: Scifi Movie Review


The First Men in the Moon.  I was afraid that this was going to suck bad, but was pleasantly surprised.  They did a great job recreating this H.G. Wells classic.  Mark Gattis was awesome as the quirky professor, Cavor, who walks around making strange growling sounds when he is deep in thought.  He runs into Bedford who is busy writing plays to make ends meet.

It’s then that the professor reveals the secret of his mysterious substance Cavorite, which defies gravity.  The explanation about how the substance works was very well done, despite how far out the idea was, and I was quite able to suspend my belief long enough to really enjoy the whole movie.

Cavor is blinded by his absolute pursuit of science to the commercial value of his new find, and Bedford immediately comes up with a thousand ideas of how they can both become incredibly rich.  But Cavor comes up with just one more—going to the moon.  Beford is not too crazy about the idea but is eventually persuaded and they both shoot up into space inside a capsule that they have made, which is coated with the substance.

They reach the moon where creepy, not cheesy, looking moon people find and capture them.  Cavor is certain that they can communicate with them and become friends, but Bedford is fearful and will have none of it.  He goes wild, punching one of the moon men, and accidentally killing him with his superior earth strength.  They run from the moon men, and Cavor decides to stay put, providing a distraction while Bedford goes to the capsule to escape.

The ending is satisfying, but mysterious, and I will again leave it to the viewer to find out for themselves.  All and all, a real fun movie with lots of humor, thanks to the slightly strange professor, and a great tribute to a father of the science fiction genre.