Podcast away!

I’ve just sent the podcast script off to my narrator. It’s hard to send it out into the wild like that. Now OTHER people will be reading it. My narrator has a full schedule, so it may be some time before she has completed recording. I will post more when I hear back. One more step closer.

Mind Mapping

I’ve just discovered something other people have known for quite some time. Mind mapping. I knew about scribbling it down on paper but didn’t know there were programs that do it. Now I’m hooked. If you want to check it out there are a few free ones out there too. It’s really doing wonders for organizing my writing ideas.

I’m using iThoughtsHD for Ipad.



MindNode for Mac


Haven’t really looked too hard for windows ones but found a few at cnet.com
http://download.cnet.com/MindGenius/300 … ?tag=mncol

This is an online one that you can collaborate with other people with. That is very cool.

Armageddon day +1

Okay the smoke has cleared a little. The bodies are still rotting in the field, and the radioactive fallout is still floating down. I’d like to say that this day has brought new insight and inspiration, but the gloom of destruction still abides. I’m gathering up my scattered brain and will rebuild another day.

Slapped in the face by the Salmon of Doubt

I’ve just had my reality moment. One of my beloved editors has just schooled me on the first few paragraphs of my novel. If that’s how it goes on the first few paragraphs, then I’m in real big trouble, and my editing has just begun. The last thing I want to do is release my novel with big sloppy problems in it. So I’m taking this moment; I’m going to get depressed about it, take my slap to the face with the Salmon of Doubt, and then press on. I’m not sure what this means for the novel as it is, but I’m determined to use this and make my writing better. Not sure if this means that the novel will be delayed at this point. I will post more soon. I would still like to press on with podcasting the first four chapters, so I think that will be where I put my efforts most right now.