Writing Good Dialog

From the writing good dialog panel.

Good dialog should:

Sounds natural
Advance the plot
Build characters

To learn good dialog you should:
Listen to how people talk
Filter out the hums
Ask yourself  “where do they come from?”
“How do they make you feel?”

When writing dialog:

Show don’t tell
Have characters argue to avoid info dumps.
Dialog has to be meaningful.
Has to move the story.
All dialog is is info sharing.
Don’t do “as you know bob”
Good dialog is Info for the other characters AND the reader.

Go read plays and scripts for good examples of dialog.

What are you conveying about the scene?

Leave off the pleasantries
Make a character a smoker for gestures (Roger Zelazny) it breaks up dialog

Watch what people do physically when they talk.

Look for white space in manuscript … Dialog
More dialog the better.
Don’t use phonetic spelling for describing accents.

Read Once for pleasure then figure out what author is doing.

Make characters distinct from each other.
People operate in different sensory modes.

Like sculpturing cut away stuff you don’t need.

longer dialog sentences sound more fake because all dialog is really fake.  The longer the dialog sentences the more obvious it is that it is fake.