Cycle of Pain

[Spider_Single_Video track=”3″ theme_id=”1″ priority=”1″]In 2009 I was hospitalized with a number of strange symptoms which no one could really figure out. After several years of messing around with some clueless doctors I ended up changing my medical plan and getting a whole new health system. At that time my new doctor sent me in for some simple blood tests and discovered that I had elevated enzyme levels in my liver. I got a specialist consultation and was instructed to lose 25 pounds to see if my liver would recuperate. It took me six months but I managed to drop from 205 pounds to 180. I went back and and retested perfectly normal. My symptoms were gone and I felt very healthy.

Unfortunately I let things slip. Life got stressful again and I gained it all back after a couple of years. That’s where I am now. Feeling sick and tired, and sick. I’m back at 197 pounds today, and I’ve set a goal of being able to commute to work 33 miles and back. I’m on day 7 of my journey. Currently I am riding 9.25 miles to town and back a couple days a week. The mornings are dark, and face and toes freeze. Nights are all up hill. I sweat a flood and my legs burn like hell while climbing. Basically it’s all pain right now. More to come.

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